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Vintage Auto Glass in City of Industry and Classic Auto Glass

One of our specialties here at Cal-Star Auto Glass is finding and fitting glass for classic and antique vehicles dating back to 1945. If you need any glass for your vintage pride and joy, whether it is a 1950s Chevy or an old pickup truck, we can get it in stock for you. Most other suppliers are unable to get their hands on windows for old vehicles the way we can. We also carry spare parts for the old cars, meaning a cost saver for the car owners.

If someone calls looking for a new window for a prized vintage vehicle, we always ask the make, model, and year. Once we have that information, we offer a quote for the work and a free mobile service, so we do the job at your home or wherever it is convenient. Our technicians will also explain the warranty details and the time-lapse. 

Too hot in your Vintage ride? If you need custom window tint for a classic automobile or truck call Cal-Star Auto Glass today. 

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