Cal-Star Auto Glass Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement and City of Industry Windshield Repair

All drivers whose vehicles have a cracked windshield must get the damage sorted as a matter of urgency. At Cal-Star Auto Glass we will replace any glass with a chip or crack larger than a quarter coin. If a windshield chip is bigger than that, then it means the glass has lost its density. Once the glass is weakened, it doesn’t provide too much safety. For the convenience of our clients, we deal with all insurance companies and handle all the necessary paperwork.

Once the windshield has been replaced, we advise all customers to wait at least three days before washing the vehicle, and 24 hours to remove the tape. The glue we use is perfectly safe with vehicle airbags, and the drying time is six hours. We appreciate that our customers are constantly on the go, and we want to provide them with a safe, quality product. If you're in need of Auto Glass Repair, front glass chip, crack repair or Windshield Replacement call Cal-Star Auto Glass today. (866) 888-8787

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