Window Regulators

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than a side window that just won’t move out of its present position. This annoying problem is actually more common than most motorists think, affecting newer and older vehicles in nearly equal numbers. The problem is also equally common among both power and manual windows, making it a nuisance that most people find very hard to avoid. The good news for those who have encountered an immobile side window is that the problem is easily fixed by replacing or repairing the window regulator.

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The window regulator is a small device that actually sits within the car door and controls the movement of the windows. Over time, it can become worn down and stripped, failing to grab onto the window. That means the mechanisms responsible for window movement will be rendered largely useless.

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There is relief to be found when a side window won’t move up or down, and that relief comes in the form of a quick repair or replacement by the technicians at Cal Star Autoglass. Our team of seasoned professionals can replace both manual and electric window regulators, delivering a side window that easily moves up and down like it’s brand new. Best of all, this service is extremely affordable. In fact, we’ll beat any local competitor’s price if it’s lower than what we offer to our customers. Don’t waste any time, getting in touch with our professional team of area technicians if this nuisance has gone on too long. We’re eager to solve this and other problems for vehicle owners throughout Orange and other nearby areas.